About Us

Access for all Somerville residents to green, healthy, safe recreational space

Our Vision

Green and Open Somerville respectfully ask that the city of Somerville continue in its role
as an urban leader by:
  1. looking at successful implementations of natural alternatives to synthetic turf on playing fields
  2. innovating to find and create more open and green space for league play and casual uses
  3. supporting, through budgeting and training, the departments and employees who work diligently to maintain our open and public spaces and fields

Who We Are

Thanks for looking at our site and learning more about these important issues. Green and Open Somerville are Somerville residents who are interested in developing more green space and protecting existing green space. There are lots of ways to reach us and to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you.
Email: greenopensomerville@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/greenandopensomerville
Twitter: @greensomerville

Renée Scott
Tori Antonino
Janine Fay
Lee Erica Palmer
Katherine Martin Widmer
Brendan Shea
Dominique Stassart
Jill Daniels
Melissa Suderman
Gina Foglia
Katie Brillantes
David Scott
Allison Buckley
Amanda DeBurro
Jim Baab
Lumina Gershfield
Jason Suderman
Amber Davis Tourlentes
Erika Fellinger
Amy Mertl

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